Top programming practicals in python

Top programming practicals for practice in python from beginner to advanced level.

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Basic to Advance Python Programs

1.Python Program to Add Two Numbers
2.Print Numbers from 1 to 100 in Python
3.Write a python program to find the sum of N natural numbers.
4.Sum of even numbers in python
5.Python Program to Print Even Numbers from 1 to 100
6.Print Odd Numbers from 1 to 100 in Python
7.Write a python program to find the multiplication of N natural numbers.
8.Python Program to Check Even or Odd Number
9.How to Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit in Python
10.Write a python program to sort a list without using the sort function.
11.How to Convert Decimal to Binary in Python
12.How to Convert Decimal to Octal in Python
13.How to Convert List to String in Python
14.Write a python program to check for vowels or consonants.
15.Write a python program to filter odd and even numbers from the list.
16.How to find duplicates from a list in Python
17.How to Reverse a Number in Python
18.How to Reverse a List in Python Using for loop
19.Leap Year Program in Python
20.Power Set Program in Python
21.Calculate Frequency of a Characters in Python
22.Python program to find Factorial of N numbers (Using for-loop, while-loop, function, and recursion)
23.Sum of Digits of a number in python
24.Write a python program to check for Armstrong Numbers
25.Python Program to remove duplicates from the List
26.Python Program to Swap Two Numbers
27.Python Program to Replace all Vowels with given Character
28.Python Program to Find Power of a number without using pow function
29.Write a python program to check a perfect number.
30.Write a python program to print prime numbers from 1 to 100.
31.python program to print Fibonacci numbers
32.How to Check if Two Python Strings are Anagrams

Mathematical Programs in Python

1.Python Program to Calculate Area of Rectangle
2.How to Calculate a Percentage in Python
3.Find the Area of a Triangle In Python
4.Write a Program to Calculate Area of Circle in Python
5.Find the Area of square in Python
6.How to Check if a Number is a Perfect Square in Python
7.Simple Interest Program in Python

Matrix Programs in Python

1.Python Program to Add Two Matrices taking Input from User
2.Subtraction of Two Matrix in python with User input
3.Matrix multiplication in Python with user input
4.Transpose of a Matrix in Python with user input
5.Rotate a Matrix by 90 Degrees in python with User input

Recursion Programs in Python

1.Reverse a String Using Recursion in Python
2.How to Reverse a list using recursion in Python
3.Palindrome in Python using recursion
4.Write a python program for Fibonacci Series using the recursion
5.Factorial of N number in python using recursion

Pattern Programs in Python

1.Python Program to Print Hollow Square Pattern
2.Left triangle pattern
3.Right triangle pattern
4.Pyramid shape pattern
5.Inverted Pyramid shape pattern
6.Diamond shape pattern
7.Pascals shape pattern
8.Hourglass pattern
9.butterfly pattern

Searching Programs in Python

1.Linear Search in Python (with Source code)
2.Python Program for Binary Search

Python Turtle Designs

1.Top 5 Awesome Python Turtle Graphics

Python Projects for Beginners

1.Number guessing game in python
2.Python program to make simple calculator
3.Create simple hangman game in python
4.Create a simple quiz game program in python with score
5.Simple Python Game: Rock, Paper, Scissors
6.Calculate Electricity Bill in Python
7.Remove Background From Images in Python
8.Calculate Age from Date of Birth in Python