Learn Python with simple examples and explanations

Python is a general-purpose, dynamically typed, high-level language developed by ‘Guido Van Rossum‘ in the year 1991 at CWI (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica) research institute in the Netherlands.

Installation of python

To install python in Windows/mac/Linux/other go to https://www.python.org/downloads

Download IDE for python

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is software/application in which you can write your python code effectively.

You can use notepad to write a python program by adding a .py extension after your file name but IDE is best because it gives you suggestions and helps you to write a code efficiently.

Visual Studio Code (VS-code) is one of the best IDE for python.

to download Visual Studio Code go to https://code.visualstudio.com

Learn Python

Below are all the topics (links) you have to learn to become a python expert.

Python Basics

print() function
Variables & User input
Python Data Types
Python Keywords
Operators in python
Type Casting in Python

Control Statements

if-else & nested if-else
while loop
for loop
break & continue statements

Python Strings

String in Python
String methods
Indexing, Slicing, and Step Argument
String Formatting

Python Functions

Python Functions
Lambda Function

Python Built-in Data Structure

Python List
Python tuples
Python Dictionary
Python Sets
List comprehension
Dictionary Comprehension


List vs Tuple
List vs Dictionary

Important Built-in Functions in Python

any() & all() Function
map() and filter() function
zip() Function in Python with Example
Number System Conversion [bin(), oct()& hex() functions]

Exception Handling in Python

raise keyword in Python with Example
try-except in python

Python Modules

Python Math Module

Python Cheat Sheet

Python Cheat Sheet for Interview [PDF] Download

Interview Questions

Python Data Structure Interview Questions