In this article, I will provide you a PDF of the Python Cheat Sheet for the Interview.

This Python Cheat Sheet help you in your interview, you can quickly revise all the basic to advanced concepts of Python within a few minutes with the help of this Python Cheat Sheet.

Topics that Covered in this Python Cheat Sheet

Variables & Data TypesLists
Conditional StatementsStrings
Error HandlingList Comprehensions
Class & ObjectsModules and Packages
InheritanceLambda Functions
Polymorphismmap, filter & reduce Functions
File HandlingVirtual Environment
Context ManagersThreading and Multiprocessing

You can also learn all the above topics in detail from Here –> Click Here

Download Python Cheat Sheet

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In conclusion, a Python cheat sheet can help you in a job interview or when coding. It can save you time and help you remember important syntax and concepts. This cheat sheet covers some of the most important concepts in Python, including variables and data types, control flow statements, functions, modules and packages, file handling, exception handling, and classes and objects.


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  1. Xchl Ajab SDK Reply

    bro can you provide some content about object oriented programming in python, you really are a good mentor at explaining complex things in simple terms and thanx to you I have got a good grip in python basics but now to apply this knowledge in practice I want to learn OOP in python. topics like inheritance and polymorphism goes out of my head. thanks for all of your amazing content

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