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What is a computer network?

A group of computers that are connected to each other for the purpose of sharing their resources and data is called a computer network.

Name of first computer network

ARPANET is the first computer network.

ARPANET stands for advanced research projects agency network.

Type of computer networks

there are four types of computer networks and they are as follows

  1. PAN (personal area network)
  2. LAN (local area network)
  3. MAN (metropolitan area network)
  4. WAN (wide area network)

1. PAN (personal area network)

PAN is a computer network that connects devices like keyboards, mobiles, mouse, printers, headphones, etc for personal use in a range of less than 10m.

2. LAN (local area network)

LAN is a computer network that connects devices within colleges, offices, buildings, etc in the range of 100-1000 meters.

3. MAN (metropolitan area network)

The collection of LAN networks is called MAN.

Range of MAN –> 10-100 km

MAN is used within cities.

4. WAN (wide area network)

collection of LAN and MAN networks is called WAN.

Range of WAN –> beyond 100 km (not fixed)

WAN is used within the countries.

Characteristics of computer networks

there are many characteristics of computer networks few are listed below

  1. Resource sharing
  2. Communication speed
  3. Back-up
  4. scalability (scalability means your computer network is capable to add a new computer (or network))
  5. Reliability
  6. software and hardware sharing
  7. Security

Network Devices

Network devices are used to connect computer networks.

Network Devices are:

HUB, switch, bridge, gateway, modem, router, repeater, etc.,

Advantages of computer networks

Advantages of computer networks are as follow

  1. open to everyone
  2. file sharing
  3. security
  4. easy to add new devices
  5. Back-up and storage

Disadvantages of computer networks

Disadvantages of computer networks are as follow

  1. Network devices are required
  2. Virus attack (there are chances of virus attack in your computer networks)
  3. Required handler (you can hire a person to handle your computer network and it is expensive)
  4. High-speed internet
  5. Server

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