8 tips to work smarter not harder

If you're ready to start working smarter, not harder, here are some tips to get you started:

Having too much on the go can make it seem like you're accomplishing a lot, but it also spreads you too thin.

1. Say goodbye to         multitasking

Tackling your tasks in batches can keep your momentum rolling. This way, you'll be focused on one task at a time.

2. Complete tasks in      batches

Even if you're feeling overwhelmed with everything on your  to-do list, it's still important to take breaks.

3. Take breaks

We tend to ignore our energy levels when planning our work, but it's a major player in productivity.

4. Schedule tasks based on your energy levels

It's a good idea to get to the root of when and where your productivity plummets.

5. Start tracking your      time

You don't need to have your Facebook or Twitter notifications coming in while you're trying to work. It only takes your focus away from the important tasks at hand and wastes time.

6. Turn off notifications

When you find yourself at a standstill with work, it's helpful to have a change of scenery. You can't do your most important work if you feel trapped inside.

7. Enjoy the outdoors

We all have bad days. Focusing too much on the negative aspects of work can distract you from being productive.

8. Adjust your attitude